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“BearDuck” consists of not so brave freelancers, who dislike leaving the house and meeting people.

Until, one day, we felt that we wanted to see the wider world like many other people, and thus, started on our journey despite our fears. It made us realize that the world was actually filled with beautiful sights, wonderful people and food which are also no less interesting.

Kittanate Petwaikun, a game designer who has several game titles on sale in Google Play and App Store, is the author of the “Game Design Theory” book.
Onanong Tasanapitak, a renowned illustrator, is the owner of the 2014 Outstanding Illustration Award in the Books for Teenagers entertainment genre, as well as, well-known works in many other books.

Fortunately, we are very timid! Activities that others might consider to be normal, such as traveling to other provinces, causes great concern to us.

So, we took the opportunity to use our journeys to train our minds, especially the practice of mindfulness based on Buddhist principles. To this day, we are just a little more courageous and we think we have come a long way.

• We are the winner of the Amazing “Thai Teh” Competition 2020, organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, from our review local restaurants in Phatthalung province.
• Worked with Air Asia to review restaurants in Hong Kong.
• Worked with Thai Smile Airlines to review restaurants in Phuket.
• Worked with Nok Scoot Airlines to review restaurants in Sapporo, Japan.
• Work with DASTA in our trip to Narathiwat.

Contact us

Nate:  086 383 3965
Orn:   087 973 4481
Line: cherrymocha
Email: bearducktravel@outlook.com
• Or Inbox of the BearDuck page

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